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Accounting for restaurants

Becoming self-employed with your own restaurant is the dream of many employees in the food service industry. But this profession also has its downsides. As a self-employed restaurateur, you can't help but deal with your accounting. Accounting is important and under no circumstances should the data be handled recklessly. Otherwise, you will quickly have problems with the tax office and you will be threatened with unsightly sanctions. So let the professional handle it so that the accounting works smoothly.

Accounting for restaurants

We will show you some important tips to make accounting work for restaurants and other catering establishments.

Tip number 1 - First things first

In accounting, there are a few important basic rules that make it significantly easier. This includes, for example, that you start sorting your receipts at an early stage. The receipts must be stapled every month and should be sorted numerically or alphabetically. Have your accounting done for your catering business by us, make sure that your accountant always gets complete documents. Separate business and personal expenses right from the start. This saves you a lot of work. If you stay honest with the accounting, then there is no trouble with the tax office.

Tip number 2 - Keep documents for ten years

Accounting is not easy and a very high degree of care and order is required. If gross mistakes creep in, it can quickly be interpreted as a fraud. This fraud is then not an administrative offense, but in the worst case it can be punished with up to ten years imprisonment if the authorities prove tax evasion by you. A complete accounting is the best proof of your business activities for you. Even major discrepancies can be understood and often corrected. It is definitely worth investing energy in accounting.

Tip number 3 - The electronic accounting obligation is coming

There are already principles for the proper management and storage of books, records and documents in electronic form. Every manager who works with an electronic POS system should pay attention to a few things when archiving. The legislator stipulates that the following documents must be repealed.

- all articles and product groups that are marked with the prices in the system,
- master data, programming and data on changes to the documentation,
- all tax-relevant data,
- the operating and programming instructions of the cash registers and
- if the cash register is used in different places, including the places of use.

Electronic data must still be completely available and legible even after ten years.

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Tip number 4 - Payroll accounting

From a certain size on, you can no longer manage your business alone and definitely need staff who also want to have wages. You may not simply pay out your salary in cash, it must be properly settled and taxed. In addition, insurance policies are due, for the proper payment of which you as the business owner are also responsible. The evidence and calculations must also be repealed. This also applies to tax-free surcharges. You must also revoke the work permit for foreign employees. If you fail to keep or issue these documents, your employees might be employed iilegally. For this, you are threatened with high fines or even prison sentences. Make sure that you can always prove to the tax office which employee receives how much pay.

Tip number 5 - An important topic - the calculation

A magic number of the calculation is the 35.35% should be the upper limit for your goods input. And you should also include at least 35% in your calculation for personnel costs. For the tax office, both costs must be comprehensible and recorded in the books. In addition, a good calculation ensures that you have your numbers in mind and can react quickly to possible problems.

Tip number 6 - Keep delivery notes

Proper accounting also includes documenting where you buy your goods and, above all, what you buy. The tax office wants to be able to control this precisely if necessary. It is also important for you to keep accurate records, because only then can you determine whether you can buy somewhere at cheaper prices or where you can get better goods.

The legislator stipulates that delivery notes must be kept for at least six years. Make sure that invoices or bills of lading can also be delivery notes. Every business transaction requires a document, which you have to keep. Invoices even have to be kept for ten years. It is also important for you that the retention period does not begin until January of the following year.

Tip number 7 - Trust is good, control is better

Even as a boss, you can't be everywhere. It is therefore important to see which waiter makes which sales and whether the numbers differ when you are not on site. In case of deviations, it is worth taking a close look. It is important how the tables are distributed or where there is still potential for optimization. A fair cooperation of your employees not only improves your turnover, but also ensures that employees and guests feel comfortable in your premises.