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Founding a Restaurant

You want to open a restaurant, take-away or pizza delivery service? Or would you like to start a catering service, doner kebab shop or a food truck? Whether you want to do this as a sole proprietorship, a GmbH or even an AG, we are the right partner for your foundation! If you do not know which of the legal forms is suitable, we will advise you comprehensively. Take advantage of our extensive experience in the field of company foundations, especially start-ups in the food service industry, in which we specialize.

Important steps to founding a company, so that the foundation of your restaurant business is a success! We show you 9 tips for the smooth foundation of your sole proprietorship, GmbH or AG.

Tip number 1 - The idea of your own business

In the beginning there is the dream and thus your own idea. Think in advance whether you want to open a restaurant, a bar or perhaps a snack bar. Decide what you want to offer. It is very important for you as a newcomer that you stand out from the crowd. Collect many ideas that you later sort, develop or discard. Do not start your catering business in a hurry, but plan it exactly, including a cleanly created catering concept. The better you plan, the higher your chances of turning an idea into a successful concept.

Tip number 2 - Watch trends

Before you put your idea into practice, it is worthwhile to observe the current trends in your environment. Trends include vegan nutrition, food trucks or slow food. Make an analysis of your potential competitors and visit the food service facilities in your area. Take a look at which facilities are well attended and where the guests stay away. Draw your conclusions from this and rethink your planning. When visiting your potential competitors, you should pay attention to where there may still be potential or what unfilled niches might look like.

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Tip number 3 - Educate yourself

Especially as a career changer, you should take advantage of the numerous opportunities of further education. Perhaps you also live in a canton with a host patent obligation. Then you should definitely make the cantonal or the host patent valid throughout Switzerland in advance. The responsible gastronomic associations will provide you with information on which requirements must be met. Depending on which catering establishment you choose, you should also think about a bar course. It's not enough to hire employees who are familiar with bar operations. In the same way, you should at least be roughly familiar with the kitchen, even if you plan to hire a chef. Especially in the catering sector, good preparation can decide on success or failure.

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Tip number 4 - Choosing a good location

An important role in the success or failure of your catering business is played by the location. This is not necessarily about the amount of the rent, but about whether the chosen location fits your concept. Check in advance which guests frequently stay at your desired location. Can you count on walk-in customers? Are there enough parking spaces? Can your guests reach the restaurant by public transport? What about the competition and the neighbours? All these questions are important in order to find the right stand for your new catering business.

Tip number 5 - Rent or buy

Do you want to lease your property or would you rather buy it right away? In both cases, you should clarify in advance whether you can or must take over existing inventory. It is best to let professionals appreciate not only the object, but also the inventory. Not infrequently, the inventory is sold at completely overpriced prices, especially if the catering business is in a good location. Assume that you should recoup the price for the interior design in 3-5 years at the latest. The Gastroverband can give you good tips when it comes to estimation. Before you lease or buy an object, you should also clarify whether there are specific requirements that could hinder your work. The requirements include, for example, noise protection, expansion or conversion options and, last but not least, the protection of old buildings.

Tip number 6 - Good planning for success

Create a detailed business plan in advance with your budget. Check that your financing is on a secure footing and that investments and rent have a good ratio to the planned turnover. Remember that you need to have financial resources for personnel, marketing and initial purchases. No restaurant manages to work with profit from day one. Keep in mind that you may well have to bridge a longer period of time without positive earnings.

Tip number 7 - Approvals and permits

If you want to run a business in the catering industry, you need various permits and approvals. Above all, the hygiene regulations must be observed here. For establishments with their own kitchen, you must submit a hygiene concept. >>> hygiene concept (HACCP concept)

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Tip number 8 – Wirtepatent

Depending on the canton in which you open your restaurant, you will need a host license. The following cantons require a Wirtepatent: Aargau, Appenzell Innerrhoden, Baselland, Basel-Stadt, Bern, Fribourg, Geneva, Jura, Lucerne, Nidwalden, Obwalden, Schaffhausen, Solothurn, St.Gallen, Ticino, Thurgau, Vaud, Valais

Tip number 9 - Choosing the right company form

For entrepreneurial success, the choice of the appropriate company form is also crucial. Depending on which legal form you choose, there are tax differences. We at Diebust Gastro Treuhand GmbH have many years of experience with tax law and company founding. Take advantage of our extensive know-how and let us get started together - Contact us now for a non-binding consultation!



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